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No sitting on the sideline dad

Welcome to the no sitting sideline dad podcast

Sep 19, 2020




 In this episode, I had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor of Insurance Town  Podcast Heath Shearon. We talk about what like working from home during this pandemic and sticking to a schedule and being more intentional you time, The importance of putting your family first before work. Also, setting an example...

Sep 16, 2020





   Today on the podcast my guest Lady J.   Lady J is a mother, Author, Youth/Family Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Life Transformation & Business Coach, Media Personality, Serial Entrepreneur, and Community Leader. Lady J is someone who overcame the impossible to make it possible. she had to overcome...

Sep 13, 2020




In this episode, it's all about finding meaning and purpose in life with my guest Susannah Healy. Susannah is the author of the book The Seven Day Soul 'Finding Meaning Beneath the Noise. Susannah shares some insights into finding meaning in everyday things



Sep 5, 2020

Traveling down the road; living on a RV with my guest Jennie Edwards author of Bumping Down highways, we talk about in and outs of RV lifestyle. The most important topic is life now not waiting for someday because that day will never come!