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No sitting on the sideline dad

Welcome to the no sitting sideline dad podcast

Dec 29, 2020





In this episode of the podcast, it's all about being open to new possibilities with my guest Marilyn Anderson author of the book " How to Live like Millionaire when you're a million Short. Marilyn shares some useful tips on how to go on vacation almost free and maybe find some money you may never knew you had....

Dec 3, 2020




This episode of the podcast is all about a misconception about eating right with my guest Jennifer Trepeck health wellness coach and host of Salad with a side of fries podcast





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Oct 10, 2020


 In this episode of the podcast is all about grief and dealing with it. Grief can come from the loss of a parent or a love one. Also, grief can come from the loss of a  job or marriage through a divorce. My Guest today is Marcia Earhart co-founder of The Sterling rose Sanctuary. Marcia is a Life/Grief/Trauma...

Oct 3, 2020



  In this episode of the podcast my guest Mark Timm co-author the book Mentor to Millions. Mark wrote the book with his friend Kevin Harrington one of the original shark tank sharks. We discuss many things like parenting, family meeting, how important is to have a mentor.   When Mark was younger he had a chance to...

Sep 19, 2020




 In this episode, I had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor of Insurance Town  Podcast Heath Shearon. We talk about what like working from home during this pandemic and sticking to a schedule and being more intentional you time, The importance of putting your family first before work. Also, setting an example...